Top 8 Wedding Destinations In India

In this era of modern weddings with mixed cultures and rituals Destination Weddings have become everyone's go-to option. In the last few years we saw several celebrities tying knots in the most scenic landscapes that one can imagine for their big day. 

So we got a very curated list of the Top 10 Wedding Destinations in India for your picture perfect wedding with your loved ones.

Find the destination that matches your vibe below!!


Top 8 Wedding Destinations In India:


1. Udaipur 

If you have always dreamt of a royal heritage wedding like it was done in the old times with the regal touch you always wanted, then Udaipur is the top wedding destination for you.

With the majestic architecture and the rustic look you were looking for, this city will steal your heart.

Go for your Epic wedding!



The fresh air of Queen Of Hills, the lush green mountains and the very cozy winter vibe of this city is the perfect wedding destination for a summer wedding.

If you are planning a summer wedding but want to avoid the scorching heat then this is your go to destination.


3. Agra

The city of Taj Mahal! What better place to get married than this city of our 7th wonder, the symbol of ultimate love.

Live your “mere brother ki dulhan” moment at this location. The idea of getting married in front of this majestic beauty, the epitome of love is in itself a dream come true.

Also how can we miss the amazing mughlai food, definitely a bonus!


4. Bekal, Kerala

If you are bored of all the northern destinations then we suggest you explore this hidden gem of Kerala. 

The majestic forts, humongous forest cover and the very calming rivers of this city will steal your heart.

If you are planning a wedding but don't want to go for a mainstream wedding destination then this location is a big YESS for you.This city won’t disappoint you.