They say marriages are made in heaven and we at Classic Matrimonial Jammu are trying to bring together that someone who is made for you. We welcome you all to celebrate with us the Success Stories of the innumerable married couples who have found their dream partner through Classic Matrimonial Jammu. Classic Matrimonial Jammu wish our Power Couples the very best for a happy and successful married life.

Pankaj Honda & Renu Sharma

We met through Classic Matrimonial in there office. we were so Alike minded People and we made great Connection in our First Meeting. It was very good Decision.

Sanjay Kapoor & Poonam Gupta

It's been 12Years to our Marriage and we can't thank you Enough. Thank you Dinesh ji and Classic Matrimonial Team to bring us Together.

Abhimanyu bhargav & Rupali Gupta

Our Parents took a great Decision to go to Classic Matrimonial to find a Perfect life Partner for us. did a great job and we are Happy Since then <3

Ayush Gupta & Sahiba Gupta Malik

Classic Matrimonial helped us meet each other. It has been the best time Since we have met each other. Thank you Dinesh Ji.

Dr Chetan Mahajan & Dr Bhavna Gupta

It was our luck and Classic Matrimonial Efforts that brought us together.

Ahil Gupta & Aahat Gupta

Me and Aahat are very happy together. Thanks Classic Matrimonial